J. Portelli Projects Gozitan Employees To Build Mercury Towers

“The innovative Mercury Towers development will be built by a team of highly skilled Gozitan stone masons, employees of J. Portelli Projects.”

J. Portelli Projects’s team of skilled stone masons currently involved in the preparatory and foundation works of Mercury Towers.

This was announced by Joseph Portelli, the visionary developer of Mercury Towers and other types of residential and commercial projects located all around Malta and Gozo.

Mr Portelli added that, “We are proud to be providing employment opportunities and training on new building techniques for all employees of J.Portelli Projects. Furthermore as a Gozitan, I am extremely proud to see fellow Gozitans joining our team. Today, J.Portelli Projects boasts of a highly skilled workforce that takes great pride in their work and in giving its utmost to ensure that every new development the company embarks on is a success.”

Using highly advanced and innovative building technology, J.Portelli Projects is currently involved in the preparatory and foundation works of Mercury Towers, the last architectural project design signed off by Zaha Hadid before her passing. Mercury Towers is a bold step forward in Malta’s architecture that takes contemporary urban living to new heights both physically and figuratively.

A recent recruitment drive has increased the total number of employees at J Portelli Projects to 130 employees. This increase in staff members will further enhance J. Portelli Projects’ drive to become the leading real estate development company in Malta with a commitment to setting standards and developing sustainable projects such as Ħal Sagħtrija, Villaġġ San Ġużepp, Forum Residences and Quaint Boutique Hotels.