Joseph Portelli

Joseph Portelli was born to do business. The Gozitan entrepreneur from Nadur rose from humble beginnings thanks to his ability to see opportunities where nobody saw them. He took projects to places nobody dreamed of and created a legacy that everyone in his community could benefit from.

J Portelli Projects - Joseph Portelli Gozo Malta

His story as a self-made businessman is a familiar one; Joseph broke into real estate development after he acquired a modest piece of property, turned it into a thriving business, and flipped it for a profit. But instead of repeating the same formula, Joseph started adding more variables to it: experimenting with new business models, taking unprecedented risks, and surrounding himself with experts who could help him build a winning portfolio.

The team behind J. Portelli Projects consists of highly experienced professionals who take great pride in their work and in giving their utmost to ensure that every new development the company embarks on is a success.